Friday, February 15, 2013

Friends and Colleagues:
Welcome to Mr. Hunter's new blog, simply designed for two purposes:
1) To keep many of you updated on the status of Mr. Hunter's position with the NBPA.  Many of you have graciously inquired about the well-being of both Mr. Hunter and his family during this challenging time.
2)  To provide a strong preliminary rebuttal to the Paul Weiss Report which was one-sided in content and not characteristic of Mr. Hunter's successful 17 year tenure of the NBPA.
Therefore, the links below will lead you to the preliminary response to the Report (including a brief executive summary) and importantly, a presentation we were prepared to deliver in Houston during the NBPA Mid-Winter Meeting. Many players expected to hear from Mr. Hunter in Houston and have expressed dismay that he has not not been invited by the interim leadership regime -- whose authority to place him on administrative leave is not supported by the union's Constitution or bylaws.  Therefore, Mr. Hunter was left with no choice but to communicate with the public in a more direct manner to ensure that his response to the allegations was heard without filter.
As we have all been taught from childhood, there is always another side to the story that should be evaluated in any circumstance and before any judgments are made or actions, once taken, cannot be reversed.
Again, Mr. Hunter has appreciated your many calls, texts and emails.
Michael Carlinsky, Quinn, Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan
Corey Worcester, Quinn, Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan
Thomas R. Ashley, Law Offices of Thomas R. Ashley
Randy Davenport, Law Offices of Randy Davenport

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